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LOVE CLUB was born from my own journey to self love.  Experiences & Struggles that shook my inner core and literally forced me to change my perspective on life, and learned to accept my flaws without judging me.  The mission with this brand is to lead the way in helping every single one of you to understand, manage, and evolve through their own path to self love, mental health and acceptance.  We want to impact everyone, no matter their age, background, ethnicity, or financial status because LOVE doesn’t have boundaries nor stereotypes. We are committed to eliminating any stigmas with care, zero judgment but most of all with LOVE. 

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I’m so glad you’re here ! 


My name is Gabriela López, I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico! I actually live in Puerto Rico with my partner , Angel, my daughter Antonella and our little dog, Nala.  I am a 27 years old retired teacher, a brand influencer for a network marketing company and now business owner. Now, you’re probably wondering where this idea came from ? Well, let me explain … LOVE CLUB was born from my own journey to self love.  So I will love we can make an impact in your life in anyway. Thank you for visiting this LOVE space.


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